Al Waha 200g

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After Nine(creamy chocolate and fresh mint)-Arctic Blueberry( blueberry and fresh mint)- Arctic Cherry( plump cherries with a hit of cool menthol)- Arctic Melon(honeydew, juicy watermelon, and a rush of cool menthol)- Arctic Peach(peach with cool menthol)- Blueberry Banana(banana and blueberry)- Blueberry Guava( guava and blueberry)- Cali Twist(cherry, pineapple, and orange)- Casper(Lemon Chill) Chai Latte(sweet cream with a twist of fragrant cinnamon)- Cinnamon Gum(sweet cinnamon shisha with a minty fresh feel)- Grape(green grape)- Gum Mint(mint and a cool blast of menthol)- Hot N Cold(cool blast of menthol with blueberry)- Ice Cream(Neapolitan style ice cream)- Icy Mango Tango(mango and mint with a pop of cool menthol)- Lemon Mint- Libella Swing(orange, pink guava and mint)- Magic Touch(mint lime and blueberry)- Mango Lemonade- Melon(sweet honeydew)- Melon Berry(honeydew, blueberry and mint)- Mint(mint with a blast of cool menthol)- One Day(menthol, mint, lime and a secret creamy subnote)- Orange- Orange Mint- Pan Rasna(blend of floral, clove, and other exotic Indian spices with subtle hints of mint)- Summer Air(lemon and passion fruit)- Sweet Shock(watermelon and passion fruit)- Two Apple(A Crisp blend of sweet red apples and tart green apples)- Watermelon.